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Activity Of MFC

Activity of Maeklong Fishery Cooperative


Business Activities

 To sell  the  necessities to members :   The cooperative obtain the fuel oil, lubricant oil, rice and other equipment  for sale to members  at reasonable cost.
  To provide loan to members:  The cooperative obtain 2 type of  loans. 

*       Emergency loan  is no-interest  loan, provide to member about 50,000 – 200,000 bath in term  1-2 years,   in case of member or the family get  accident, suddenly sick  or death.

*       Ordinary loan  is low-interest loan (6 %), provide to member , the maximum loan is 300,000 baths in term 1-3 year,    

  To accept member deposits:  The cooperative provide two type of deposit accounts to member    commitment  saving and fixed deposit.
Fishery service ;  The cooperative obtain the fish market to be the center for  sale and distribute the fishery product of member  
  To  disseminate knowledge related fisheries, both technical and business;  This is one project of the cooperative , to provide various knowledge to member , e.g. processing of the fishery product, new fish farming techniques.
  To provide welfare to member;  The cooperative  provide some accumulated fund to set the welfare for the member, e.g. live insurance,  the giving in case of accident  or death,    scholarship for the family of members.  



Other  Activities


To provide welfare to the local communication;  The objective of cooperative is not support for the member, but some case  must provide to the communities around  too.  Every year , the cooperative donate 100,000 – 300,000 baths for the  other charities  foundation,  school ,  the religion organization  and  the  local communication.


Maeklong Fishery Cooperative

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