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History of MFC


Maeklong Fishery  Cooperative LTD.

The Central Fish Market of Samutsongkhram Province

Maeklong Fishery Cooperative(MFC)   was registered since 1st January 1981.  They’ve changed from The Maeklong Fishermen Group which   established under the fuel oil crisis (during  1973 – 1974).  
The main business  in the beginning of  MFC was the purchasing.  MFC  provided the fuel oil, lubricant oil  and rice to the members . On the other, MFC  tried to set the central market in Samutsongkhram province for distribute the fishery products of the members. In 1989,  MFC could operate the fish market by rent the building from the Samotsongkhram Governor.

Untill 1995, the  fish market  was got the promotion from the Internal Trade Department ,  Ministry of  Commerce  and  the Cooperative  Promotion Department,  Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative, to be the Central fish market of Samutsongkhram province.    In 1998 MFC builded the new fish market  in the own land .



200 Mu-5, Lamyai town,  Mueng district, SamutsongkhramThailand-75000

Tel +66-34-771480-1    Fax.  ext 106




Maeklong Fishery Cooperative

Structure Of MFC
Activity Of MFC
Balance sheet on the end of year 2010
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5 Years Financial Status Of MFC article

Maeklong Fishery Cooperative 1989,
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