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Maeklong Fishery Cooperative

The history and activity of Maeklong Fishery Cooperative (MFC)

Board of Director , on 2014-2015article

 According to the 2013 Annual General Meeting  held on  30 April 2014. Members elected Chairman and the other 7 members of the board to fill in vecancy.

Mrs.Sawica  Siriboonyawong,  recived overwelming support to the Chairman, she is the first woman who was appointed Chairman. 

5 Years Financial Status Of MFCarticle

The Financial Status of maeklong Fishery Cooperative during year 2007-2011

Balance sheet on the end of year 2010

MFC' annual report  showed the financial status of year 2010,  5.78% profit,   116.66 m.bath of sales and services

History of MFC

The history of the fisher' group who tried to fight with the economical problem around them by  the cooperative system .

Structure Of MFC

The Structure Of Maeklong Fishery Cooperative

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Maeklong Fishery Cooperative 1989,
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